About Us

Mr. Balloon, the largest household helium tank supplier in Taiwan, wholesales and retails all kinds of balloon party decoration products, provides balloon delivery, venue party decoration and other services!

Make every moving moment full of surprises

Let every moving moment be full of surprises, wrap dreams and wishes in colorful balloons, and fill them with the heart that conveys smiles one by one. Adhering to this vision, Mr. Balloon team is willing to use the greatest creativity, the best quality and the most beautiful heart to accompany every adult and child with childlike innocence to create more smiles.

MR.Balloon Mr. Balloon International Business Co., Ltd., established in November 2003, is the only balloon chain brand in the country that has obtained the Good Service Practice (GSP) mark for commercial services from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Makes the balloon design beautiful and eye-catching no matter the occasion

With the planning of thousands of venues, Mr. Balloon has participated in the design of many special occasions, and has become the first choice for well-known domestic enterprises and government agencies to cooperate with manufacturers.

Passionate about sharing simple and happy balloon art, Mr. Balloon created a Youtub channel to continue sharing balloon teaching videos, publishing books, launching safe and decomposable environmentally friendly balloons, party goods, and providing professional services and assistance in combination with physical stores and online shopping platforms. Looking forward to every day Everyone can have touching moments full of surprises.