• Payment by bank transfer / Wire transfer

         household      Name: Joyful Express Activity Consultant Xie Xinxian

  Bank code: (004) Bank of Taiwan - six branches Bank account number: 248-001-026903


  • Credit Card Payment / Credit Card

          Pay by credit card, the webpage will be transferred to the 3D authentication and authorization page; you need to complete the authentication to complete

          Transactions, the entire transaction uses secure encryption, and credit card information will not be stored on the website, you can safely

Pay with credit card heartily!

         Credit card supports Visa , MasterCard , JCB


  • Home delivery cash on delivery (Taiwan delivery only)

          Products that choose cash on delivery will be delivered to your home by "Hsinchu Logistics", please directly

          Pay the driver in cash. The logistics company will charge an additional 30 yuan for the handling fee.


  • PayPal (overseas delivery limited / Oversea only )

    Select PayPal payment, it will jump to the payment screen, and the order is deemed to be completed when the payment is completed

    Note 1 : PayPal will add 3.5% handling fee


  • Invoice Job Description

    Unified use of paper electronic invoices, the invoice will be sent with the goods, and will not be sent separately, nor will it be issued separately

E-MAIL notice.